Kingsley Fregene, Ph.D.

Researcher, Lockheed Martin

Kingsley Fregene, a Principal Research Scientist for Lockheed Martin.

He leads teams and organizations in developing and maturing broad portfolios of advanced technologies including unmanned systems, AI, robotics, mission systems, and novel payloads.

Growing up along the Niger River in Africa, Kingsley Fregene developed a strong connection to the natural world. He also recognized the importance of electronics and control systems while visiting oil refineries. Taken together, these experiences sparked in him a curiosity and desire to pursue a career in robotics and aircraft engineering.

As an engineer, Fregene relies upon his creativity and multiple disciplines, including science and math, to develop solutions to technical problems. As a principal research scientist for Lockheed Martin, he has worked on numerous engineering and design projects, including his latest project, Samarai. Samarai is an unmanned aerial system (UAS) with a design inspired by the aerodynamic structure of a maple seed.





AI - 85%

Robotics - 65